Sunday, June 08, 2014

April 18TH. Happy birthday Mommy :)

 My sis threw a surprise party for my mom at The Rabbit Stash Private Dining Boutique.
She invited all her friends over.
My sister is such a sweet woman.
I really love her. 

 Their homemade walnut and wheat bread.
If I'm not wrong it should be wheat..
I shamelessly asked for more.
It was so good...
I can't describe it in a right way..
All I can say is that it tastes a bit like fried chicken.....

 My happy mommy :3

 LOL Handmade gifts from her friends it's so funny.
Look at that picture frame of my mom running/jumping.

  Foie gras starter.
I didn't quite like this, but this was the only dish that was very mediocre..
Everything else was amazing omg.


 Da couple.

 HAHA my mom.
I can't rmb what was in that drink but it was pretty good.

 The children's spaghetti.

 This.. was.. amazeballs.
They replaced rice with BARLEY.
The texture is so good!
Barley risotto with prawns and scallop GRILLED TO PERFECTION.
The grilled tastes lingers in your mouth.
Zomg this whole thing.
I wanted so much more. So damn good!


GUYS,  I found a unicorn.

 And a weirdo.

 Sorry, make that two.



 My mama's fish dish.
It was pretty good too!

 Charred USDA Ribeye with tempura eggplant, butternut puree, rate potato hash and pickled red cabbage.
This was wicked. Drools :D

 My sis' surprise cake.

Overall, had a really pleasant afternoon here at The Rabbit Stash.
Sadly, they are going to relocate..
So i'm not sure when or where they will reopen.
Google them if you're interested!

 The children's dessert.

 Yummmy tea.

 Dream job would be styling and photography for kids...

Mah beautiful sister.


 Took damn a lot of photos of her haha she is damn funny.

Sisters Chua :3

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