Tuesday, July 08, 2014

17th May Part 2 (Sauce + Fenix)

 Weekly affair with this bunch.

 :3 hhehe.

 Cutie pie Jastine with not cute at all Luke.


 LOL Yao started saying he looks like Spider man (Andrew Garfield) and this image proved it.

 Tiff is often in cloud 9.

Chai Becs.

 Cos the guys' mouth damn dirty.
When I get angry, I hit them and my rings adds on to the pain.

 At Fenix.
Pet Wynna haha.

 LOL. Idk man.

 Bryan and Clem.

 Wah Yao electrocuted me with her eyes.

I was abit high so I pulled this guy's dreadlocks.
When he turned around, I immediately said,

 Vernon the super irritating one.

 Lol whuht.


 My Fav Yaoooo. :3

 Wynna the xiao meimei.

The 93 and 90.

LOL I think Wynna did this.

Was most random.

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