Tuesday, July 08, 2014

May 18th

Happy birthday Jewel. 
She treated us to Dim sum at Royal China.
Good food, not so good service, but awesome company made up for it.

LOL Because my eyes....
Too early.

Tiny plate of roasted pork, but so good.
Skin was roasted to perfection.

I think this was char siew pao..
I actually forgot haha cos it was too long ago.

Tiny egg tarts.

Century egg porridge.

Prawn and charsiew rice rolls.
Love it!

Beancurd skin with prawn.

Super good har gao.

Siu mai.

Yummy dumplings soaked in vinegar and chilli.

Deep fried yam balls with scallop. 

Fried rice rolls which was like fried kway teow.
The texture of the noodley was so silky.

Salted egg custard bun.
Excuse my hideous nails...

Fried carrot cake!


Roula came for awhile before her flight.

Happy birthday Jewel! (So belated lol)

Went to Strangers' reunion to return Clem $$ and for coffee!

LOL They got our drinks mixed up.
For Jewel but wrote my name.
I think it was Zenn hehehehe.

LOL Seb wrote this cos Jewel wanted to have scrambled eggs taken away for Kelvin in her set meal so I requested for a change and Seb so kindly said okay (GRUDGINGLY) hahaha.

Dinner with the folks at Ah Chiang's porridge in Tiong bahru.

Yummy raw fish.
I think we ordered three plates of this.
Super good!

My two fav.
Hahhaha ok Yoyo is not very photogenic or at least she doesn't try to be.

Deep fried wanton was suppppper oily.

Yummy thai style fried tofu in sweet chili.

Yummy soya beancurd from the stall!

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