Wednesday, August 13, 2014

28TH June (Part 2 with the Strangers bunch)

 My chai.
Anyway there was a raid at Zouk that night. 
It started early and ended when zouk closed.
Bloody hell.
And my baby Yao was stuck outside!!! 
Both Yao and Tiff!!
Stupid raid. What a waste of money and time.

Don't you think she looks like Xiao Qian.
The chinese ghost story actress!
Hahha like those kind la!! She looks like she will reincarnate into a fennec fox. lol.

Poor Yao and Tiff :(

 Cutie Jastine :3


 Then you know Yao so hot so you woke up right.

 Can't stand the Arthur face....

 Hello didi :3

 The cutie bear couple.
When am I seeing bear cubs?

 Aris was dead high.. Not sure if he went home dead drunk lol.

 My eyes are emitting steam ok.
Steam face.

Everyone who saw Lennie with the cig in his mouth shouted at him,
Lol at this time the lights were switched on cos of the bloody raid.
Then he told us to chill.
Just placing them on his lips only lol.

 Omg Arthur really looks like an eagle..

Later u see Lenice.
Hottest couple ever~~~

 HAHA. The screamo at the back is not liking this at all.

 Gene bro! I think the last time I saw him was like 2 years back.

 Ah yes, the hot couple.
Lenice and Elisha.
They should get an award hahaha.

By the time we were all damn sian already...

 Swee choon.
I didn't eat though..
I forgot why.
I think I was on a diet or sth.
I'm always on some sort of diet LOL.

Eating chicken feet omg......Creepy

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