Monday, August 18, 2014

July 1st to 3rd

 Lol I love how eccentric both my little cousins are.
Here we have Yoyo balancing on two soccer chairs and holding up her underwear flag.......
The thing on her head is a cloth which helps her dry her hair fast ahahha.

 Nono's kukubird was out... -_-

 Lunch with myself at Big bites cos no one in the office likes indian food like I do.
Ok except for Dhriti, but anyway BIG BITES HAS BEEN CLOSED SINCE FOREVER.
So sad. I LOVE their masala thosai.

 Helped out with photoshoot at work that day.

 Sucky curry rice..

 But i guess the company made up for it.
Jona :3


 LOL she's such a big eater.
Her whole family is damn tall.
Like if you walk into her house, you will feel like you're entering the land of the giants.
Her husband is like 190++cm.
She is 170++ and her two sons are catching up.

 Yvonne. Her mind..... HAHA she has a very strange mind but she cracks me up.

 Crab buffet at Park Royal Plaza Brasserie, with Le aunts and cousin.

Super out of point but yums.
Their roti john also haha.


 Why is it that everytime I eat at a buffet, their dessert sucks.

 To be honest, the crabs didn't leave much an impression on me as most of it was pretty dry.
Like the meat stuck to the shell... overcooked maybe.

 I love oysters.
But damn sian cos everyone damn kiasu.
One time can wipe out the whole oyster tray.
Have to keep waiting for the refill.

 The prawns were so fresh!

 Flavoured meringue!
All diff flavours.

 With my naughty cousin.
He's only 11 but he seems to be experiencing growth spurt.

I don't know how he could spill soya sauce and topple his whole glass of water within that short span of time..

This was quite yummy but a tad too salty.

 I think he had three cones of ice cream...
He eats.... a lot. 

Hehe my cutie baby Fries.

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