Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July 6th - July 9th / Random, forever Random

 Thanks for waking me up again...
Hhahaha he was yawning btw..
Not speaking or yelling at me or anything.

 Hello smelly mouth.

 Yayyyy new nails.

 Mommeh cut avocado for me.
Ate it with sundried tomato bread with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top from iBake.
I LOVE ibake. I get all excited when I see their paper bag on the dining table hehehe.

He also want.
Cannot la.
Will be fat like me.


 Threw him on my sister's bed so that I can hug him to sleep.
Don't wanna put him on mine.
Later dirty.

 My aunt cooked bah kut teh for dinner that night.

 Feeding my lover.

 LOL I think she was waiting for Max....
But she DOESN'T like Max.
If they both had Facebook, it would be on "It's complicated."

 Next morning, saying hi to my princess.

And at night, I weep over Lang Leav.

Probably the worst days/weeks ever.
Goodbye sad days.
I hope you don't come back again.
At least not too soon....

"I love you" 
Those three words, when said from the right person can send me to cloud 9 straight away.
Say it all over again and again.
I swear I'm never getting tired of it.

 Lunchinggg with colleagues.

Your pillow.
Nono is a psycho.
Even so, I will always love him.

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