Saturday, September 13, 2014

3rd Aug, Dating dating hehe

 Thank u Bb for the flowers :3
I don't need a huge bouquet of flowers.
I just like the whole idea of receiving them.
I think it's very sweet.
Hehe yes i'm those typical kinda girls.
(BUT ACTUALLY NOT THAT TYPICAL ANYMORE because 6 out of 10 girls would tell u flowers are stupid now. Either our hormones are getting masculine or everyone doesn't wanna be "typical" anymore. Thing is, they dont know they are the typical ones now hAHHA)
I used to think flowers were stupid anyway. 
But I love it now. (*^*)

loveee :3

If you're not one of his precious girl friends (Too many can't count), go get lost in the jungle with a thousand flesh-eating animals following u, bitches. LOLLL

 At The dispensary.

 Preach it, boyfriend.

At Vivo's TCC. He went to find his friends and came back to moi.
Had my dinner there since he already had his.
Saw a couple having this one time and it looked so good.
My tastebuds loves it too!
Only problem is that, I wish this was a bigger portion.

Mushroom Tortellini Al Arabiatta.
Requested chilli padi to be added in.

 My skinnier period.....

HAHA i dont know why he took this picture of me.
The rest of the night was spent walking and talking and that was enough for a splendid evening :)
We had Macs for supper after omg. Fat shit.

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