Monday, September 08, 2014

The Cat Cafe + PETFIE / Zouk - 1ST AUG

My fav nasi briyani stall at Kopi Bistro, High street centre.
So good.
Their fried chicken is the best.

Accompanied Kate to TCC and I had this slice of cake for about $10 after gst. LOL.

She had her fav crayfish salad.

Why u so angry? haha.

Was invited by Petfie to their media launch held at The Cat Cafe :3

Here is the website for The cat cafe.
I will be talking more about Petfie later on :)


Eeeeks. Hehe kitty here was sharing a seat with me while I had my dinner there.

My +1 heheh :*

Thank you once again, Debra :)

HEHEHEH argh so cute.

Chicken lasagna.
It was surprisingly yum!

Bb's Tandoori chicken wrap if I'm not wrong?
It was good too.
He let me choose what to eat so that I can try some :3

I think I had their iced chocolate latte. I only remember it was pretty good.


Ahhh so cute.
I want a cat.
Merv said we will have loadsa pets in future :3


So basically, you can download 'Petfie' on Apple App store.
Max has an account too!! hahah.
I quote Petfie:

Petfie is a social networking, photo-sharing and community application to discover animals and fellow animals lovers around the user.

Petfie is about the user-to-animal connection on a first level, unlike the usual user-to-user connection. Instead of sharing individual profiles, users of Petfie interacts with animal profiles instead.

Petfie is also a location-centric platform. Understanding that every neighbourhood has their own unique identity, Petfie's map view enables the user to discover the fellow animals and animal-related organizations and businesses around them. This enables users to follow and socialize with them.

Petfie is partnering with CWS in support of the recently revamped ‘Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme’ (SCSP), and is a first for any mobile startup and animal welfare group in Singapore.

Through ‘crowdsourcing’ via Petfie, members of the public can create animal profiles for unsterilised cats and tag it with the ‘Sterilisation Needed’ status. This helps to flag out their presence and location, and members of the public and Petfie users can bring the unsterilized community cat to participating vets for free sterilization. 

Lol i thought this is pretty cool. 

Eh kitty why u block me.

:) Forever my +1.

Why u face the wall.

LOL Even when Merv was there, the cat still continue to stare at the wall.

HAHA the face so cute.

Zouk with baby, Mark and friend. I suddenly forgotten his name......

Bumped into these cuties.
Joined them instead :)

My pretty girls :3

Thanks for making the night a fun one!!! :3

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