Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aug 4th - 6th (Mexican food, Merv the Recruit)

 Excuse me sir, why'd u show me ur butttt!

 My cutie Sweet cheeks. She's a bit bow-legged.
That makes her so so cute!! The way she runs to you makes u want to melt.

 Mexican food. I forgot what's the name of this place but we were in Holland Village.
I'm so sad I did not bring my camera... So this is the only picture of food with extremely low quality.

 Double dating with this duo.
Lovelle and Wenlong.

 While they went to get beer,
Saw this cutie pie. A REALLY huge cutie pie.
I thank God for the owners who took kitty in. 

 Ridge the Fridge.

 My bb.

 The bbs.

 Belda. She's a real cutie and she's damn funny!

 Fairfield and Lovelle's +1 haha.


 Sweetcheeks and Sweetpea followed me up..
I carried one out and went back in to carry the other one,
then the one I carried out came in.
It repeated like crazy until I was damn tired so I sent them down after I went up.


 Supper with Bb and his mommy.

 Recruit Merv.

 LOL. This was when they asked him to take out his Ic and he accidentally took out his card instead...

R u a model?

 Wish we were going on a holiday instead :(


With his mommy and sis.

 Checking out the bunks....

 Finally food.
It was pretty good haha but of course they had to give us the best.
I heard shitty food was given when they were in there.

 Kiss kiss.
Be a good man when u come out.
I love u Mervyn Leow. :3

My naughty Fries....
Fibres from my bed got stuck on her teeth cos she loves to bite it lol.
I have to pull it out everytime.
Fortunately for me that's the only thing she bites.
I let her run around in my room most of the nights!

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