Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aug 7th-8th (Date with sis, Date with Jiheon, Zouk+Allure)

 Dinner date with my pretty sister at Harbourfront's The Orange Lantern Vietnamese food.

Food was alright. Nothing commendable, but I liked their service :)

 It was good make-up day :)


 Dinner date with Jiheon at Liang Seah Street's Xian de Lai...
Love it. I love their Ma la.

 What an awkward photo haha.

 Wahhh shiok braised pork.

New bucket cat from Timberland WAHLAO SO CHEAP.
I shocked...

 Drinks at five with my baby brother.

 He grow big alr. Treated me to one round.

 I wurve u Jiheon :3

This girl was singing that day.
I fell in love.
I didn't even know she was THIS hot cos she was singing high above.
I first heard her voice. Blown away x1.
Saw her coming down. Blown away x5
Rebecca Burch is a name to remember.
I asked for her Youtube.
I am such a man. ;)

Zouk after with Merv, his momma and her friend.

Saw Grace outside the toilet ahhahaha.
She's so beautiful. :)
I really like her since the first time I got to know her in school.

Bumped into Poh. I dunno why we looked so sad...

 Hahaha Merv's mommy doesn't even look like his mom.

 :) With my honeybee.


 Bumped into the siao char bor, Gonghua.
She said this,
"Why your eyes so big."

 So I said, "ok everybody close eyes here."

 Pretty girl. She's also crazy. ahahhah.

 Hehehe Sammmm. :)

 Xinhui and Sam.

 Went to Allure(I think) to find Belda.
Here are her two friends who were very friendly to me. :3

 Merv and Belda. The besties :)

 Hehe :)

 Is it you love me?
HAHAHAHAHHA i don't know what happened in this pic and I'm not sure who took it but it's funny.

 With Gongcha.

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