Monday, September 15, 2014

auG 9TH and 10TH. -Coussie's place / Dinner date with sis

My bb bought cake for me hehehe.
He knows I love eating.

Was at my uncle's place for bai bai.
Home made.. with home made chilli.
The chilli will burn ur lips until u sweat like a pig.
It's damn shiok!!!

The burning process.

My little cousin, Xuan Ru.

Mah sister :)

My half china cousin, HongQian.
Naughty boy.
Always pretending that he doesn't recognize me....

Hazel, my love :)

My uncle is in the middle wearing black.
Haahah so uncle. Set up table outside of the house to chop meat.
See the uncle on the right wearing apron hahaha.

My cutie sis :)

LOL Merv's mother showed this to me.
He wrote it when he was really young.
"Happy Mother's day!!! Thanks for giving birth to (such a handsome boy) me.

So proud of u. :)

LOL Sweetcheeks KILLED and arranged the lizards neatly.
Can't help but to think that cats are quite psychotic.
There were 2 more below the other chair.

Angry liao.
i cant rmb if i posted these photos arleady.


Dinner date with my sis at Vivo City's Shin Kushiya.

My bbq pork rice.
I love shin kushiya!

I ordered this and then my sis said she doesn't eat raw fish....
So I finished this obamaself :'(

My aunt and the children brought Nono and Prada over haha.
This is Prada.
The hammy I bought for Yoyo.

My baby Truffles.

Prada and Fries meeting for the first time :3
None of them gave a shit about each other.
So bitchy...

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