Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aug 21st & 22nd. Hair by BLACKHAIRSALON HEHEHE and date with Merv :)

Bahhaha I wanted to make her a long T-shirt.
I had to fit her in before cutting the arm holes.
FAILED fashion textile students.
1. I was lazy.
2. I was really lazy la and not enough materials HAHA.

Would have used velcro.


Lol anyway after I cut the arm holes, she refused to put her arms inside.
She kept sticking her head in them.
I think she got quite pissed lol cos usually she doesn't shit when I let her run around my room.
I found a few bits of poop behind my curtain after that.
A sign of protest. HAHA.

Went down to Black hair salon to get my hair fixed.
Anthony did my hair that day.
So thankful for them.
Got a hair trim, dyed my insides pink and got a hair treatment.

Cat does my styling.
She always does it for me and I love it. :)
She's always trying something new and asks if I want to try out her new experiment hahaha.

Thank you Black Hair Salon for always giving me the best treatment and entertainment :)

HAHAHHAHA he came down like this to pick me from the bus stop HAHAHAH.

HEHEH giving him a bellroy wallet.
I loveeee buying him things but sometimes I will complain that Im broke la.
I really feel like a mother.
I even buy him vitamin pills cos I scared he fall sick.
(which he always does)  :(

Anyway, u can buy it here http://lykestore.com/collections/bellroy
I love it! Ever since it came to our store i knew I had to get it for Merv.
It's suppose to slim your wallet so you dont get that ugly big fat bulge when u put it in your pocket.


I got him those two watches!
The ugly army watch is not bought by me.
Hahha wah Im like showing off what a mother I am.
I have a feeling if I marry him I will only downgrade to maid tho HAHA.

HAHA He's so cute.

Love love love my hair.

Quick dinner at Zion road food market.
Used to eat this often when Jewel was living in Peperoni Pizzeria.
The upstairs of that restaurant was... HER HOME...

I actually do not like their char kway teow.
People are always queueing up for this.
There's a store that sells char kuey teow at Tiong bahru market.
THAT is the best in my opinion.
But of course.. to each his own. :)

Saw this little cutie.
Anyway, I'm that kind of person who would always walk up to you if you have a dog.

Went to have Merv's fav yoghurt at Greatworld.
This was mine! Yoghurt with lychee and peach blended inside.

He always has his fav.
Yogurt with oreo, blueberry and raspberry blend.

Baby treating me to Concetto by Saveur.
:) He's so sweet.

His Beef oyster Blade.
It's not bad!

I had their Prawn Aglio with pan seared tiger prawns and sakura ebi.
I liked it when I had it as an appetizer at Saveur so I thought I won't go wrong if I order this as a main here.
It was damn salty like at least two servings of salt was added in it.
And the portion is really small for a main...
I AM not a fan of small servings lol.
My mother is.

My cutie kiwi head :)

I don't know why does the pasta looks like it's a good portion here.
I assure you it's not.

I had their Pistachio panna cotta at Saveur so I really wanted to have it here too.
Taste-wise, still lovely but the portion seems to have shrunk itself....

Thanks baby for the treat :)

We went to walk around the Night light festival that was happening opposite Grand Cathay.
Also caught a movie after that at Tiong Bahru in pyjamas :)
Nights like this... I loveeee :)

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