Wednesday, October 01, 2014

23rd Aug 2014 // Date with Merv bb, Club Kyo, Chill out at Jeraldine's.

Cheap chirashi from Great World's Ichiban Boshi's take out~~

At the Dispensary with bb.
He likes the sour plum fizz drink.

My cutie :)

Thank you for the flowers again :)

Carmen. So tall and with a big backside eheheheh.

Chloe. The xiao mei mei who looks more like a woman than I do.


On our way to Jeraldine's.

She's so pretty. I really love her face.
Anyway, this was the only acceptable photo…
Should have taken more.

LOL Khid.

Cuties :3 Hahah Carmen wanted ot lure Khid into the pool...

Cuties :3

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