Wednesday, October 22, 2014

26th Sept (KKM, 6th Avenue Briyani date with Merv)

Josh and Cass brought us to have KKM for lunch!!!!


Wei Kwang!

The married couple.
Haha waiting for that day to come :3

My dear galpal.

Hahha thanks Josh and Cass for driving me down to return Merv's gown!
LOL His graduation stage picture.

Hehe cutie.
She used to have a phobia of dogs!
Now she has conquered it with the help of Hazel lol.
She is obsessed with Josh's dog omg.
It's like she's really her child.

Heheheheh she took a cute picture of Fries!!!

Hahahha Merv sent me this pic. This was wayyyy back.
Max looks adorable.

Woooo cutie patootie :3

Went back to change and went to meet mah bb after i'm done with my work!

Corn dog and bacon sausage from Cold storage.
The corn down is surprisingly quite good.

This is for my NNP hahahahahha.

From Ichiban Boshi :3

My green pea.
My kiwi.
My wasabi.
My green laosai.....

Woots. From Whyogurt!
My fav Choco mint :3

6th Avenue Nasi Briyani.
The chicken portion used to be bigger....
What happened now.

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