Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 12th & 13th - Getting ready for PHUKET!

 WAH. lol so cute. Saw this cutie at Alexandra food market.

 Thai food for lunch.
Basil chicken for me!

 Olive fried rice for him! 
This was quite boring.

 Ok-ok chilli oil dumplings from a dim sum stall.
Didn't quite like this, but he kinda likes it.

 My cutie :3

 He sent me back and saw Sweet Cheeks :3

 Lol Fries being a cutie.

 6oclock lighting is the best.

 That day was the day to change money for Phuket!! Hehe.

Pepperlunch for lunchhh.

 Golden Mile's Beer Thai House restaurant because Heyrozz said on her instagram that it's good :)
Cheap thai ice lemon tea. I lovee.
So I bought two cups haha.

 His beef noodles i love it.

I ordered thai mama noodles...
I thought it was the tomyum noodles dry?!
Dafuq was this. But it was alright I guess.... 

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