Thursday, October 09, 2014

September 18th & 19th || Seasons Bistro and dating dating with Merv :D

We were at Triple one somerset's Seasons Bistro for Alice farewell lunch.
They have a reasonably priced 2 course lunch set!
I chose their Miso chicken with potato salad and yuzu ponzu.
This was pretty good! A bit too salty but still delicious :)

Kate's Dead guy ale Fish and chips.

My Southern summer pasta.
Pretty good!

Smelly Max.

Lollll Fries the acrobat.

Ooo hi!

Hehhheehhe my baby trying on the Muji light grey shirt I got for him.
Perfect fit :)


Lol having our fav Whyogurt at Great world again.


His mixed berries and oreo yogurt.

We wanted to have 6th Avenue's briyani but they were closing shop already...
Had sucky food nearby.

Beer lady haha.

Some weird noodle..
It's not hokkien mee.

Merv's san lou horfun.

Couldn't fin the prawn paste fried chickadee

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