Sunday, November 30, 2014

11 & 12th Nov, (Visiting Hazel & bunnies, Siam Square mookata, #fauxfayc mascara

 Baked sweet potatoes with basil herb and onion powder.
This was good but abit dry!

 AHAHHHAA My aunt bought this for Nono cos he is ALWAYS barking when neighbours walk past and he bites for no rhyme or reason too.
He has a split personality.
One minute he loves you and the next moment your nose be bleeding.


Have u seen a dog with a double chin.
U are to go vegan, you fatty.
Just kidding. That's the most cruel idea i have upon him.


 Lol. That foot tho.

 She was stoning btw.

 Oh what a cutie face u got there.

Went down to my cousin, Hazel's place to visit her bunnies after work that day!

 Here's Xiao hei.
What a typical name for a black pet lol.

 And Greyson lol.
He WAS grey.
As he grew, his coat started to change colour.

 They were lovable.
Went to my lap to sit!!! Hehehehe.
They nibbled me a few times though..
Not sure what that means.
Maybe I really do have finger lickin' good hands.
KFC should sponsor me HA!

 HAHA we saw this boar run past the gate and were like WTF?!
I ran out cos i've never seen one IRL before.

 Hhahahah Hazel's dad's friend keeps her as a pet.
I could tell he really loves her and he was protective too cos cannot keep in Sg mah.
"Cannot put on fb ah."

Btw, her fur is rough like of a broom!!!!!
Weirdddd but cute haha.

 Brought her to my fav mookata place!
Siam Square Mookata.

 She loves it too!
She has a voracious appetite.... I was pretty amazed. haha.
She was still hungry when we finished what we ordered so she ordered a few more. :O

 I only order the pork belly cos I dont like their beef and i dont like chicken.
I love their chilli too!

Saw this kitty around havelock lol. So cute.

 And I brought Sweetcheeks to my doorstep so that I could feed her that day.

She's not THAT afraid of Max anymore.

Introducing the #FauxFayc!!

 My senior who owns the website sent me this mascara to try and I will tell you the truth that I LOVE IT.
Remember the other time I introduced....

Gafixx mascara as the best mascara I've used??
I got this at Tiong Bahru's John little btw.. Not sure where else sells it.

 But this Fauxfayc is EVEN BETTER.

I haven't taken selfies in a long time cos I feel chubs and I look the same everyday anyway, but this is good stuff.
My sister has tried it after she saw me with it and she loves it too.

 I can tell u that this mascara gives u a HUGE ASS difference. 
If you do not want to use faux lashes or simply just want to feel proud that for once, ur REAL lashes are so damn long, GET IT.

 So anyway, the reason why it comes in two (I LOVE THE BOX THAT COMES WITH IT)
is because one is the transplanting gel and the other is the fibre.
First, you coat a layer of your own mascara,
then u layer the transplanting gel for the fibre to stick.
You repeat fibre and transplanting gel (being the last) as many times as u want until you're satisfied with the length.

Anyway, another good thing is that it is SO EASY TO WASH OFF.
As compared to my other mascaras, it really is so much easier!

Go to their instagram or checkout their hashtag #fauxfayc to see the reviews of them! 

Bahaha okok last selfie.
I really love this mascara (btw this is not a paid advert because I refused payment)
So get it if u are a mascara addict like me.

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