Wednesday, November 19, 2014

27th - 30th October. Lots of Fries and trying to be healthy.... NOT

Healthy breakfast for meeee.
Avocado, edamame and 6min soft boiled egg drizzled in roasted sesame sauce and sprinkled with onion powder, black pepper and paprika powder.

So simple yet so delicious!!! 

 HA HA. I let her out most nights and she LOVES CLIMBING.
Not sure if she's a monkey or hamster.
Anyway, she climbed her way up there.
Yes, she is very smart and has her ways.
I have a picture for that which I will post another time..

 Ooh saw me lol.

 She is so cutie :3

 Healthy dinner for MEEEE.
Note that I only went healthy for 4 days and that was it lol.
Sauteed shiitake, curry tofu, cauliflower, chickpeas and carrots and soba noodles with edamame.

Then my stupid sister came back and cooked mac and cheese with bacon.
Bloody cheebong.
Thanks for ruining my diet.
I ate a bit...

 Watching tv with her.
I'm clearly obsessed.

 But with this face..
How not to be?!

 Lol she usually runs around but she stayed under my armpit for quite long!!
Maybe she likes my armpit.

 So I watched tv and she just stayed there..
HAHA Love it when she's all obedient like this.

 Went to my aunt's and played with Prada.
Lol cutie.

 Went to visit out of the cake box before gg to my aunt's place, but they don't accept nets so I couldn't buy anything :(

Went and bought some cakes the next day.
It's so near my place!
blk 45 Telok blangah drive
#01-173, singapore 100045
They only open till 7pm and is closed on mons!

It's a stone throw away from The Marshmallow Tree cafe!

Nearest MRT is circle line Telok blangah.

 Got their rose lychee cake. 
Yum. I liked it and esp their Tarte au citron.
Sour and sweet.. Yum I like this too!!
Esp love the tart.
I love tarts.

 Sauteed mushroom with green pepper and curried cauliflower with tofu, chickpeas and carrots.

 Oh Maxxx.

 Disturbing his sleep. ehhe.

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