Friday, November 21, 2014

Nov 2 - 4! Seafood part and homecooked healthy food

Merv's area is like a land of dogs.
Did I mention that I once thought dachshunds were originally called sausage dogs.

YAY Baby cooked seafood feast for da family.

He said he wanted to cook crabs and he really did lol.
With the help of his mom too!

Chilli crab. Yummy :3

His mom cooked spicy lemongrass clams!

And green tea salt marinated wings

And black pepper wings? I forgot.
I don't really like chicken to be honest.
Unless if it's deep fried then I'm ready to convert.

Merv's lemon butter and herbs squid.
He knows I love squid that's why he cooked for me hehehe :3

Delicious Fries.

HAHA from far she looks like Max's little shit on his bed.

Let her run around and she climbed up.

She also fell down so there she is looking a bit blur.

So happy.
She doesn't drink much water…
So naughty.

Making risotto for the very first time.
Firstly, I fried 3 kinds of mushroom with chopped tomato, tofu and capsicum with lots of garlic and then put it aside.

Secondly, I fried the Barley and organic brown rice with shallots and then I stirred in miso and soba stock and tomato paste!
This process took a damn long time……..

Stirred in cheese at the second last step then threw in the other ingredients I stir-fried before.

it was really not bad for a first timer!

I'll just copy and paste what I wrote on instagram: 
FOLLOW ME OK @valentinachua

"What da fuck.. This was amazeballs. This is their 
Gnome Dome. I came to try their horlicks one, but it was sold out!!! I was really sad.. The lady said why not try 
this.. The only one left. I reluctantly bought it.. I thought.. What, it's just another chocolate puff with espresso cream filling right? Then I took a bite. FUCK. Smlj what cream puff?! PLS HOR, UNEDUCATED GIRL.. it is a "Crunchy choux pastry shell filled to the brim with espresso crème pâtissière, chocolate dirt, brownie bites, and topped with chocolate ganache.." The texture was amazing (tho I wish the espresso flav could be Abit stronger) and taste wise, splendid. I love it. What a lor sor post. I'm gg to be fat because of this place.... 

Out of the Cake Box
45 Telok Blangah Drive #01-173.
Singapore (100045)

Eh hello.

Wanted to microwave the shit out of this brinjal, but there was a dead moth in there.
I was greeted with POWDER when I opened the freaking oven!!!!!!!
I was traumatised.
Threw it away, cleaned the whole microwave, but was still afraid to use it so I had to pan it.

Herb, paprika powder and soba sauce.
I think it was slightly undercooked.

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