Monday, December 22, 2014

17TH - 20TH Nov. Baby's haircut and Op.

  Hhahahaha he asked me to help him shave (SIAO. RLY TRUST ME) his back and sides...
It got so bad that he had to go to the salon HAHAHA.
Now he looks like an ostrich.

 HAHAHHA So cute!!!
Like stupid stupid.

 Next day.. Had an appointment with the docky.

 My cutie pie :3

 HAHAHHA His mom sent me these two images.
Really looks like him.


 Had breakfast while he had his op.
Waited for 2 hours I think?
Fell asleep on the sofa outside the ward.

 Lol pasted the hospital sticker on his head.

 Made him salmon and carrot porge.

 HAHHHA He took and edited this himself.

 Jaryl's baby shower door gift.
So cutieeeeeee :3
I kept his picture in my drawer.

 Time to sleep, Max.

 Hhaha look at his face... So cutie.

 My bb bought me eggtart.

 And char siew sou :) 
Thanks bb :3

 My fav kinda breakfast.
The telok blangah market near my house sells REALLY good fried kway teow and fried vermicelli.
Shall take down the stall name the next time I visit.

 Hehe what a handsome young lad.


Ooo my cutie Fries. That hand tho.

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