Monday, December 22, 2014

21st - 22nd Nov (Xian De Lai Steamboat + Minji's + Life is Beautiful + Zouk)

 Lol Merv did henna on his hands and sent them to me.

 Lol..... same tattoo as me...

 Brought Gary and Merv to Xian De Lai for some steamboat buffet.
They both thought it was very normal.
Haha ok but first off.. They are not fans of steamboats like me.
Btw if you go there please try their braised pork belly!!!

18 Liang Seah Street


 Mala and pork broth.

 Merv bb. :3



 He drew this on his thigh and on the back of my palm lol.
Wanted it to stay but it washed off when we showered.

 Went over to Minji's place to chill.

 Lol Jacky's back and she gave Merv a harmonica..
Omg... he's going to make so much noise...

 Alissa bought the 3 birthday babies Ritz Apple Strudel.

 Izz, Minji, Wai Ting.

 LOL playing the happy birthday song..

 So lazy this boy.
Switched off the lights with his feet..

 At Life is Beautiful Kitchen and bar.
99 Duxton Road 089543


 Zouk next. Saw Sherman and Jaey.
Don't you think she looks like Gillian from the Hongkong pop duo, TWINS?
She really looks like irl!


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