Thursday, January 15, 2015

24th Dec // Christmas Eve with Bb

LOL. At Vivo's Pets Safari.
What a hiao lei lei (vain) chinchilla.

At Muji. HEHE.
Father and son outfit.

LOL when he was in the changing room showing me his butt crack...
He's so lame la.
It's his arm fats.

He actually walked into MY selfie... hahaha so I gave him a little space to be in the picture...
but then he gave that sian face like as if I forced him to be in it lol.

Hehe Love u.

He treated me to dinner cos he made me wait for 2 hours.
Thanks b!
At Kim Gary.
I had their "Eight Treasure Seafood Curry"

I liked it. Only wish there was more sauce!
I like saucy stuff cos I love rice.
If u get what I mean. I'm trying to be cool here.

Kim Gary
(Many outlets. The one I went was at Vivocity)


Condensed milk with peanut butter thick toast.
I'm coming backkkk.
The one at Cine Leisure's Hongkong Cafe SUCKS SO BAD.

Pop corn chicken.
Didn't quite like this one..
Wish it was like kfc's.... lol.


Night time.
Wrapped presents for my cousins, aunt and mom and sent it over to aunt's place cos they've got a mini christmas tree hehe.
Made it just in time before christmas!
Hehe look at Nono.

LOL my cousin dug out all photos of us and W T F.
Look at me.
This is why I say Jonas is exactly like me when I was young.
He and I can never stop doing stupid faces.

W T F...
Don't u think I look like Vanness Wu here.
I was always a tom boy and I was ugly.
i was fat, had a mole and behaved like a boy.
I believe that one night when I actually cried out to God, he really helped me to improve in my looks throughout the years HAHA.

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