Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dec 22-23. (Fries / Dogtor Lim / Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo)

Hi Fries. I'm so hungry now.
I hope I don't you eat u when I get back home.
I'm going on a non-carb diet for four days..
Cos everytime Mervyn books out, I eat like a bloody monster.
You can check out my daily food intake here: @valentinafatty on Instagram.

Hi cutie.

AHHHH. Just wanna shrink myself and hold those hands.
Imagine if she was huge.
Can hug her to sleep every night. (*^*)

Whenever I put her on my bed, she would hide in the spaces between the side of my bed and the wall.
This was when she finally decided she wants to pop her head out to check out what I'm up to.

LOL. She climbed out of her hole and stood like this. 
So I went to shower knowing she would be well behaved and when I came back,
HAHAHHAHAHAHA and looking at me!!!!!
Hilarious! She makes my day. 

Went to visit Max, Yvonne and the other babies at Dogtor Lim!
Here's Angel. She is extremely manja.
She would want all your attention on her.

Yvonne and I forgot who this is. lol.

EEEKKKKSSS. My fav Sparkie :3

Here's Jamie.
Lol. She is quite weird, but super cutie!

Sparkie and her new bed.
She would ruin in.

Look at hunk Max with the zhar bors. lol.

HEHEHEH This is Coco.
She is SO TINY!!!!!!!!!
U can't tell from this pic.
She is sooooo adorable.

Max and his layers of fats.

AHHAA Why I said Jamie's weird?
She likes to look up at the ceiling.
For no reason.
When there is nothing there.
Kinda freaks me out, but she's a cutie so I came to terms with it lol.

Awww cutie little Coco.

Dinner with Pat and Jewel at Ri ri Hong mala xiang guo again.
HAHA. You can see this in my blogposts every week.
I think they got nasi kang kang in it wtf.
I crave for it on a weekly basis.
It's crazy.

Ri Ri Hong Ma la Xiang Guo
People's Park Food Centre,
32 New Market Road #01-1042/1052

LOL. Usually people SHARE this, but because we have different preferences so we had to order separate.
I usually order the spiciest and laosai the next day.
It's ok la I don't mind the pilipala.

I think this was from another day but I'll just add this image in cos it looks guuuud and I wanna eat it.

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