Friday, January 16, 2015

25 Dec~ Christmas Party at Cass' place!

My FAVVVV fried beehoon and kwayteow noodles from:

28 Cooked Food
Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre,
Blk 79 Telok blangah drive, #01-28

The beehoon and noodles are soooo fragrant.
Have to order the sunny side up egg!!
Their yolk is aways cooked runny. LOVE IT.

Bought pandan leave otahs from the bakery nearby.
The price is increasing.
The taste is still fabulous so I'm going to be cool about it.

Walked past Dogtor Lim and saw Pepper from outside lol.
So cute. The doors were locked cos Yvonne was out buying food.

She came back and I got to see Max too.

I think there was a joke about this picture, but I forgot.
Anyway, he was holding our pasta while waiting for a cab.
Yup, I made pasta for another christmas celebration haha.
Easiest mah! And I got better feedbacks this time so happy!! 

Christmas celebration at Cass' house!
Thanks for opening ur doors to us hehehe love u.
Here's Veron taking a food shot haha.
U should check out her instagram feed and add her up.

This is not taken by me.
The bruschetta is made by Pris and Shadi.
SO SIMPLE YET SO DELICIOUS. I think I had 4 of it.
Pasta by Merv and I.
Ham and egg salad from Cass I think!
The garlic and herb loaf is from Veron!
I loved it too!!! So smart! She did it herself!

Drumlets and wedges from Josh.
Idk where he bought them from, but they were really good!

Thanks Cass for buying and setting up the beautiful table and Veron for the pretty plates!

Cass and Josh, the nonsense couple with their 12 year old child, Veron.

WeiKwang and Bee Ping.
Such a cutie couple!!

This is the Swag couple haha.
Shadis and Pris.

This is the ehheheeehhe Idk how to describe us.


The Siambu and Siamgong couple.
Thanks for getting the pizzas!!! :)

Cass made the desserts.
SO GOOD, but so fattening.

She made smores too.
This was really good as well, but she didn't check the time and it got burnt.
Still edible and delicious!

I think I stole this from Cass' Fb.

With Hazel.


Hazel is so cutieee!!!

Lol. wtf.


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