Saturday, January 17, 2015

26th Dec~ Trip to JB, 1st Day.

So cute...

Waking up to this face makes me so happy :3


Sweet Cheeks is so softttttt.

He's very happy that he got this vintage slippers haha.

Mah cutie.


Drenched cos it was pouring heavily.
On our way to his place to get stuff before moving off.

Wahhhh my legs look so skinny here.
If only it was real.

I forgot which MRT station we were at.
It had this pretty brick wall.

I am very bad at posing for Outfit of the Day shots so I think it's better like this.

Reached JB's KSL mall and first thing we had was their Assam Laksa.
So good! They're famous for this.

D'Laksa Original Penang Laksa
Plaza Sentosa, unit 12, Block H.
Ground floor. Taman Sentosa,
Johor 80150, Johor Bahru.

Merv had a bowl of Mee Rebus nearby.
I didn't know that the gravy of Mee Rebus was made from potatoes!
This one had a stronger potato taste and I loved it.

I loveeee their sour cream and onion flavoured pretzels.
This was also from the same level.

Lol he played 3 rounds of this just to prove to me that he can be accurate.

He failed all 3 anyway..
What a waste of money lol but he looked adorable when he was determined.

Resting our asses at Starbucks.

Ice blended chocolate. Yummmm.

Kong Ann is the guy in the middle.
Gotta thank him for bringing us around Jb!!
He also picked Mark after he picked us up from the mall.

Stir Fried vegetables

Kong Ann brought us out for dinner at:

San Low Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Merah 1, Taman Pelangi, 80400
Johor Bahru.

Mark is a vegetarian and Kong Ann doesn't eat seafood LOL.
Very hard to accept this since we are in Malaysia for the food.

Fried omelette with prawns.

Fried squid in salted egg sauce.
This is making me salivate.

This is a must-order when u come here.
Their fried beehon is slightly charred and so fragrant!!!
You could taste the wok hei in it.
I could eat the whole plate of this by myself.

Kong brought us to Brazzo for some beers.

The Brazzo House
127 Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi.
Johor Bahru 80050.

Then to supper for some kway chap!
It is different from the one we have in singapore.
Singapore's version is drenched in a dark braised sauce where as,
this one didn't concentrate much on the braised flavour, but more on the white pepper?
If this is what I rmb correctly haha.
It was good though!

Restoran Hi Wan (海皇果条仔)
Taman pelangi (Jalan Sri Pelangi),
80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Merv and I shared this ad I wasn't hungry.
Ordered the pig's intestine with lean pork meat and egg.
The pork was good!
Fried ngoh hiang and pork ribs in dark soya sauce.
The pork ribs gravy was so good! 
Can't say much about the meat tho. It was quite tough and there was little meat.
This ends the night.
Kong Ann dropped us off at a cheap hotel nearby!

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