Monday, January 19, 2015

Dec 27~ Trip to JB Day 2, Part 2 (Lost kitty and Carabao Thai food)

Heard her loud mews and was greeted to this tiny little imp!!!
No parent of this kitty was around so we took it in and fed it.
So sad (T___T)

Awww my bb and a cutie thing.

Anyway, we were in a pet store!!
The staff were so friendly and kind!!!
I was really grateful that they lent us the space!
They even gave us that container, spoon and a cardbox for it to stay.
Bought this cat food from their store.
Their address:

Pet Story @ Sutera Utama
30 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama,
81300 Skudai, johor, malaysia.

Lol we were afraid kitty might be cold.

ARGH so cute. 
It's gonna be a spam of photos.
If you don't like animals, you can scroll down straight to dinner at Carabao!

Lol stupid Mark made some ribbon for the kitten....
He made it loose so it would come off if you thug it.

Ahhh so cute :3

Lol Merv's tank top was in there.
We placed the cardbox outside the shop, but it ran off under the cars....

Dinner was at the one of the BEST thai food I've ever had!!!!!!
Thanks Mark for the recommendation!

Had their sambal kangkong. Shiokkkk.
This was spicehhh.

Carabao Restaurant
16 Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, 80250 Johor Bahru.
This place closes at 1am and is open on public holidays!

Pandan leave wrapped chicken.
The chicken was so aromatic and charred at the sides.
You could eat the leaves too if you want as the flavour of the chicken and the marinate was infused into the pandan leaves.


I crai.
Butter fried mushrooms.....
O M G...
Have u eaten the butter pork from Far East Plaza?
This is the vegetarian version.

Mark's red curry.
He wanted green curry, but they took a long time before telling him that they ran out of green curry.
He got this instead and it was served on the house!
Great service!


Basil chicken. This was not bad.

LOL Merv using the raincoat we bought for the rainy season to talk to Kong Ann who's in the car.

I had a really bad headache, but decided to follow them out instead of staying in the hotel cos it was creepppyyyy.
Played with the this young kitty for awhile :)
Throw me an animal and I'll be happy for a really long time.

Finally back at the hotel at around 3am....
(A different hotel from the prev night)
Dead beat. HAHAH he was wearing my top cos we didn't bring enough clothes.
Anyway, we didn't mind splurging on a better hotel, but all the hotels were full house..

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