Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feb 5th (Tampopo Deli)

 Happy because I was alittle bit slimmer due to not eating carbs on weekdays.
LOL but of course this kinda diet won't last.
I'm like a balloon.
My weight fluctuates like crazy because of me weird eating habits.

 Met Jewel for dinner. This karaage fried chicken was quite big!
The skin was so cripsy ~(*^*)~

Tampopo Deli
Liang Court, basement one.

 Jewel's curry udon with chicken katsu.

 My curry beef udon.
Sooooo good.

 Went to Dulcet & Studio for a cup of tea.

 She went for a haircut that day!
She looks so much better now!

 With mah cutie :*

Good nighto.

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