Monday, March 09, 2015

13 Feb (Happy birthday in advance for meeee @ Culina Quality Food & Beverage and RedDot BrewHouse with bb)

Mama bought breakfast for us.
My fav beehoon and fried noodles from Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre's 28 Cooked Food stall!!!

hahaha cutie..
He said he matched the curtain.

He took me out for awhile to celebrate my birthday.
Wished it was longer, but had to be at the wake with my family.
Thank u Bb for taking me out :)

He brought me to Culina Quality Food & Beverage at
8 Dempsey Road, Singapore 247696

Balsamic and olive oil to dip and the middle one is truffle salt!

Thanks Tammy for gifting this necklace which matched perfectly well with my outfit that night :)
Here's her webby.
She handmakes her items so it's a pretty ideal and one-of-a-kind accessory for your friends/girlfriend/mother.
Click: SsekJewelry

I love you :*

Had their Burrata with tomatoes.
This was not bad, but the sauce (pesto?) looks like tortoise poop.
Wah they really fail at plating.
It's like the chef accidentally squirted out pesto in the wrong direction and goes, 
"AIYA. Kenasai ok la I ARTISTIC ABIT" 

*poot poot poot*

"ALAMAK. More like fart."

LEL. I guess this is how the term "artsy fartsy" came about.

Tried their oysters.
Had 3 different kinds, but I have forgotten which is which and what is what.
Bahhaah sorryyyy but It's not bad :3

This was mine. I should have ordered their red wine sauce.
I chose their BĂ©arnaise sauce instead just cos it sounded fancy LOL.
It's very much like hollandaise sauce actually!
U know the one that sleeps above your poached eggs.

Bb's steak.
It's actually my second time there.
The first time I was there their meats and oysters blew my mind.
This time, it was alright only.
Not sure why.. But I still love this place.
I'd come here again.
You actually choose your meat at their butchery then request how you would like it done.
The price is also affordable and worth it.

Truffle fries.
Wish this had a heavier truffle taste to it.

Thank you bb, Love youuuuuu :*

HOLLA GIRLS, I always tell my friends and family members to download Camera 360 app.
I always use their Magic skin > Deep filter.
You'll love it.
Go try! Good things must share ok don't selfish.


Goofing around because fun mah.

Lol at his face.

HAHAH he likes to do the "Turn and stop" pose.

Have u seen a bigger vagina.

You can also choose your cheeses.
So awesome.
Maybe we will have that next time since we both love cheese :3

And then to RedDot Brewhouse to have some magical beers hehe.
25A Dempsey Road, #01-01

He had their Monster Green Lager (Green Spirulina infused lager beer with health benefit.)
I think I had their English Ale (Ruby hue ale, spicy hop, vinous and full bodied flavour.)
Click (here) to view their menu.
Their beers are really awesome.
I think it was my 4th time here and I love it.
They also have a live band playing so it's a really chilled out place :)

Thankful for the night :)


Back home to shower and head back to the wake.
LOL. At first he took this tank top out and asked if it was his.
I wasn't sure, but I just said "yes" anyway and when he wore it..


"WAIT AH. Let me flex first."


My darling Pat came and passed my mom this cos I wasn't around at the wake.
She is so sweet.
She knows that I can't celebrate Chinese New Year so she got this for me.
Thank you for always thinking of me. :*


Lol he was too tired so he fell asleep at my aunt's place first while hugging Nono.

This sight is too cute. :*

My cousin Mason and his wife, Simin.
Lol he looks like Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Thank you for accompanying me when you could have been sleeping comfortably at home :)

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