Saturday, March 14, 2015

February 14th & 15th

 Hehe Merv took this when I was sleepy.
Nono is so cutie :3
He knows when to act cute also lol.

 Cookies baked by my cousin, Sherry.
Coconut cookies! So yummy I ate most of it.

 My aunt told me to join Yoyo at her balloon sculpting class lol.
She attends the weirdest classes.

 He came in for awhile before getting bored lol.

 Hhahaha I fail.
I couldn't grasp whatever the teacher was saying.
Anyway she joined this class at a Community club downstairs her place.
They even allow you to bring one friend to participate lol.

 My beautiful sculpture.
A complicated tumour.
Sorz ok.
I gave up at the beginning of class.

 She made a rose.

 My cutie Yoyo :)

 Everyone made a stalk for the rose but she insisted on making it into an arm bracelet lol.
She's really cute.

 Me removing the pumpkin seed shells and Merv removing the peanut shells.

 My mom bought me a birthday cake to surprise me.
Lol totally inappropriate at a wake, but thanks my sweet mommy.. :*

 I look like shit pls excuse me.
I had to cover my face in all photos.

Always making faces in pictures lol.

 My uncle Choon hao and aunt Jessie brought their boys over :)
Tyler is so so so adorable.
Look at that bao as a head haha.

 Heheheh cutie.


 My goodlooking little cousin, Tristan and her beautiful mother.
She's really so good to look at!
Her skin is always radiant and her character is adorable as well.


 Eeeksss so cute :3

 Hehe my fav uncle doing his magic tricks to entertain everyone esp the kids hahaha.
I grew up with him!!! 
My uncle and his wife were my nannies when I was a kid.
I love them sooooo much.
It's just sad that we grew apart as I grow older.

 Haha Chace is super cutie.
He likes Merv.
He would always run towards him and wave, 
And he has no temper.
Super cheerful kid.

 Lol cheerful dog too.

 He was actually having fun at the wake (-__-)
Playing catching w everyone lol.

 And he was tiredddd haha.

 My sis found this pic and sent it over lol.
I think this was 3 or 4 years back!!!


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