Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feb 16 & 17 (Jpot & Chili's grill and bar)

 At Vivo's Jpot with sis for dinner :3
I love their selection of chilli!!!

 The first time I went with my sis, I didn't like it.
I think it's because I ordered the tom yum soup base...
This time we ordered their Jpot Superior broth (my fav as of now) and their fish broth.

 My pretty sister :3

 Chinese cabbage and enoki mushroom.

 Pork pork beef.

 And da fried tofu skin.

 Their fried yam is also super good and I love this tofu seaweed dish at the back!
Dump it all in the soup for a few seconds will do!

 I love sleeping with this smelly thing.

 Grabbed pictures from my work lappy.
All these pictures of young Fries capture by Wee Lit!
So cute!!!

 Hehe she was tiny then!

 A quick pre dinner.
Love Popeye's but all these gonna go straight to my ass :(

 Haha he was at Uniqlo trying clothes and he said..
"Ermm.. this kinda makes me look like I'm wearing Starbucks uniform."
That is a handing out coffee cup pose...
-___- lol.

 The lighting nice that's why must wefie.

 At Tanglin Mall's Chili's Grill & Bar.
Ordered the bottomless tortilla chips with a side of guac to dip.
The guac there was not nice.
Clarke Quay's one tastes better.

 Got a jug of margaritas to share.
So yummy!

Pat's Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken.
So good!

 Langston's Chicken Enchilada Pasta

 Jewel's tacos?
It's out of the menu already, but they still made it for Jewel and it was so good!
Wonder why they took it off the menu...

 My Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Pasta.
It was abit dry.
Would order Langston's if I wanted pasta the next time!

 Hehe. :*
It was our reunion dinner.
Breaking the tradition of having steamboat.

So blurrrrr.

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