Tuesday, March 03, 2015

7Feb (Chomp Chomp, Sticky Fingers, Havelock Road Food Centre Curry rice)

 My Fav iced latte from Costa coffee.

 We brought Niklas to have some of our local food at Chomp chomp
The only reason why we got a table is because the stall vendors got the table for us and said, 
"You have to buy our food if you sit here."
Say whuhtttt.
So anyway, we ordered this oyster omelette which wasn't the best..

 The spicy clams were not bad.

 And so was the sambal stingray.

 We ordered them here.
Boon Tat Street Barbeque Seafood

 This stall also said the same thing hahahhaa.
That we have to order something from them cos they got us a table.........
Which was just directly infront of their table...
They claimed it as their's.
So anyway, we thought their lok lok was not bad!

 Also got some satay!

 And chicken wings.
I like the ones from Huat Huat bbq Chicken wings at Chinatown, Ann Kway Building!

Dessert bowl
80A Serangoon Garden Way

 Bahhaha I told them to mimic the baby on the menu book.
So cute.


 Yummy bowl of chilled durian mousse.

 And a chilled mango pomelo dessert


Sticky Fingers
11 Keng Cheow Street
Singapore 059608

 Lol anyway Merv dropped everything twice.
He's really clumsy to begin with.

 My fav curly fries and they serve it with awesome cheese.

Lol. He ordered a shot and spilled it......
Luckily the staff saw it and was completely cool with giving him a new shot!

 They played beer pong with reallllllly annoying girls in it.
Half the time i was like STFU bitches.

 Supper at Havelock Road Food Centre curry rice.
I can't find the name of this stall.
Anyone knows the exact name and signboard name????

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