Thursday, March 05, 2015

Feb 11 & 12 (Grandma's wake, Waroeng Kampoeng Singapore Nasi Lemak)

 Woke up to the news of my maternal grandma passing away.
Didn't turn up for work to be with my family at my aunt's place.
Here's Prada trying to squirm away from my clutches.

Grandma has lived till the age of 88.
It should be more of a celebration that she lived those long and fulfilling years than to be mourning.
She has also been in a deep sleep for many months before she left.
I think it's also better for her to leave peacefully.
Even though I saw her quite often,
I was never that close to her..
But I'm definitely gonna miss her nagging and her cooking though..

 Ordered some nasi lemak from my aunt's stall for the whole family.

Waroeng Kampoeng Singapore
Rail Yard Eating Place,
1003 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3752
Singapore 159836

Enter carpark at Blk 1001 & 1002,
Jalan bukit merah (maple tree industrial)
If you're driving, drive straight to the end and turn left.
It is also walking distance from Bukit Merah Central.
Neighbours with Gillman Seafood Restaurant.

 Homemade sambal, hard boiled eggs, chicken wings marinated in tumeric and many other spices, cucumbers, home fried ikan bilis, sambal chicken.

 They used basmati (biryani) rice!
Even though it looks dry and bland,
the rice is so fluffy and light.
The aroma of the coconut milk is also strong and the weird thing is that unlike other nasi lemak, I didn't feel guilty eating this.

 The sambal is also not spicy because it is only meant to compliment the rice.
So if you don't take spicy, don't hesitate to try this!
I loved everything about this ESP the chicken wings.
I had 3 pieces that day lol.

 Nono kept in the grocery trolley because he wouldn 't stop barking and attempting to bite people LOL.
But don't worry, he was let out in awhile and had the whole room to himself.

 Here's Lex kissing Nancy.
Saw these cuties at the playground and ran up to play with them.

 Nancy is female, the oldest between the two and very affectionate.
Love her.

 Lex, the bigger and younger one,
has a bit of a temper.
I was surprised he didn't bark at me and let me play with him.
He barked at Yoyo and my cousin-in-law tho!

 Yoyo being a monkey.

 Lol. She's in ballet and Gymnastics.
She's very active so it's a good thing that she has a few classes.
She also takes up balloon sculpting lessons, clay making and piano!

It was going to be a long night for us cos we had to stay up at the wake (wah punny or what)

Special thanks to my sis, cousin Mason and his wife, Simin, Mervyn and Irwin.

 The next day haha he was in the same clothes cos he was going back home to change and get a hair cut.

 He snapped a photo of a black cat at my grandma's wake..
You know what they say about black cats.
Poor thing though..
I kept thinking about this image..

 My two handsome boys :)
We brought Max over to the wake on most days.

 Catered food.

 This ginormous rose the size of A CAULIFLOWER was in one of the funeral flowers.
So pretty though. Looks like Bulbasaur X cabbage X Cauliflower lol.
On the last day of the wake,
each of us had to place the funeral flowers on the casket for my grandma.
I chose this.
She'd remember me for this.
For being always slightly silly.
The man who handled the flowers laughed when I placed it on his hands and told me,

"I'll put this at the front of the casket for you."

It actually looked really good lol.

 Whenever the kids gathered, they'd be on their electronics......
Lol Yoyo playing wii.
I think the device she was stepping on is a censor??
I laughed when I saw what she did,

She laughed and replied, "I'M TOO LIGHT!!"
HAHA She was holding onto the weighing scale to weigh herself down. LOL punny.

 Nono acting cute.

 Accompanied my sister back to her office cos i didn't want her to be alone.
Woah my uncle's fridge had so many mini Asahi!

 Lol Merv being creepy.


 HAHA playing with my sis' head massager.

 Thank you to my team mates at work who sent this flowers.
Thanks Senget!! :)

 Thanks to my lovely beautician and friend, Vivien :)

Lol so the story goes....

MERV: Tell me when to say stop!

ME: Why..? Ok..

MERV: *Shuffles cards* 

ME: Stop!

MERV: Is this your card??

ME: Huh? you didn't even tell me to choose a card.

MERV: *interrupts me* Because you're my Queen of hearts. 

So cheesy but we laughed together LOL he's so cute.

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