Monday, May 11, 2015

19th April (Mommy's belated birthday at Beng Hiang Restaurant)

Dry ban mian from Telok Blangah Mall coffee shop.
Lol the egg yolk..

Family guy with my guy.

Mommy's belated dinner at Beng Hiang Restaurant.
This place brings back so much memories.
We used to come here on special occasions when my paternal grandparents were still around.
I miss them so much..
They are teochew though!
This place is a traditional hokkien restaurant.

Beng Hiang Restaurant
112 Amoy Street, 069932


I'm sure she was in deep thoughts..

Cold plate.

Their fish maw soup is so good!
I used to not enjoy this when I was younger...
Guess your palate (wah piang almost typed palette) start to change when you grow older!

Seafood fried rice.

Kong bah pao. Braised pork belly with soft steamed buns.

My mommy's favourite!
Yam ring with scallop, veggies and cashews.

Steamed Pomfret. 
This used to be so good..
It was lacking of sth that night.
Can't really point out what it is though..

Hokkien mee.

Green bean soup.

Happy birthday momster.
She's abit whacky but she can be so cute at times.

Thanks to my big sister for treating all of us.
I'ma broke bitch.


Mah bb. :*

Got this from Four leaves.
Strawberry short cake is pretty good!
I always get their cocoa exotic!

My lovely Pat.
Thank you for always being such a kind sweetheart.
She drove down to pass me gifts from Shanghai and hongkong.
Jewel and her are super generous when it comes to friends.
They would always buy back something and wrap them up nicely for us.

Mooka!!!! Hehe.

Lol wtf.

Mooka bit my thigh after that.

So cutie :3

Sorry.. can't get enough of Mooka.

Snacks from pat hehe.
Max wanted some....

My fav dry scallop!!!!!

Sleeping with mah little brother.
It's so nice to hug Max to sleep. :3

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