Tuesday, May 12, 2015

20 - 23 April (Happy Harvester Sg, Ikea @ Alexandra)

Salad from Happy Harvester again for lunch hehe.

DIY chicken curry wrap made be meeeee.
Ya it was my "I'M GOING TO BE HEALTHY" week again.

Max trying to link the hai di lao soup base Pat bought for me LOL.

Hehe Max cutie.
He was SUPER needy that night.
He stood there for a really long time.. Not something he would usually do.

After awhile he jumped up the sofa to lie beside me.
HAHA usually he pretends he can't jump up the sofa wtf...
I took a vid of it. HE DID IT SO SWIFTLY.

Made wrap for lunch to bring to work.

Dinner was tomato egg rolls, broccoli and garlic mushrooms with red peppers and a dry piece of curry chicken.
It became dry cos I cooked a batch and left it in the fridge so that I can heat it up for whenever I want to eat.
EW. I wonder how people even eat their food prep.
I've seen it on those fitspo's instagram.
They would make 7 days worth of food prep and put it in the fridge.
How can u trust the chicken that's been there for 7 days.
Anyway I read on facebook that chicken should not be reheated. :/

He's got a big ass.

Can't even get up for work cos too cute...

Bb came to find me when he could book out for awhile.
HEHE. Dinner at Alexandra's Ikea!

He was really hungry.. lol.
Meatballs, falafel with rice, chicken wings, poached salmon with potato medallions, mushroom soup!

Tried innisfree jeju volcano capsule pack face mask that night.

I really love this application tool.
I've said before that you can get it at Innisfree for $2.

Family guy with Max.

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