Friday, May 15, 2015

April 24 (The Merry Men, Trace Club)

 The Merry Men
86 Robertson Quay, #01-02

Langston and Pat

 Jewel and I :3

 Only I had beers. The rest had ciders and Langston had tea cos he was sick.
My heart shattered.

 Poor him though :(

 Truffle fries
We left at 11pm lol.
Thanks Kevin for sending me home!!
I will send u and Jewel home when I past my driving test ok!
Like maybe 2 years later lol I think I will take damn long to pass.....

I was DAMN bored and didn't want to stay home on a friday night!!
Lucky for me, my sister is a party animal....
I actually enjoy just drinking over conversations or staying home with Merv but Merv was out that night and I didn't want to stay home also..

Anyways, bumped into Minji, Ken and I don't think the other guy and I introduced ourselves.
Minji is Merv's lasalle classmate and the other two were from his primary school!!!
HAHA Singapore really too small.

My sis saw that we were talking and invite them as well.
Hehe!! I felt so bad cos I was totally not hyped up at all.
Needed to drink before I could get stupid.

She baller.

 I joined her and her new colleagues anyway!!!
Hahaha she's always super nice to me.
Always asking me to come when I ask her what is she doing.
Love her!

 I only started dancing like crazy when they left.....

 Overall it was super fun! 
It was my first time at Trace and my sis is a regular there now.
Music was good and the crowd is good unlike zouk.
I don't like zouk at all..
I only go there if I have to but won't suggest it unless it's winebar.

It's fun with my Strangers' friends though.. if not.. nah...

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