Wednesday, May 20, 2015

25 April (Pizza hut, Llao llao, Noodle Cafe-Thai boat noodle)

Bb's pineapple with orange skin and my coconut juice with coco flesh from the fruit stall opposite his place.

Bbbbbbb (*^*)

Pizza Hut with his mommy and her friend.
Lol this is some army family meal coupon.

Cheese sticks was paid.

Innisfree again~~~ Hehehhehe.
If you want to know what's good u can read this post I wrote a few days back!

Llao llao is so niceeee.
The first time was nothing special.
Now I like it!!
Especially when there is watermelon inside hehe.

We sat at Costa Coffee to pass time.
With bb's mommy!

I forgot to say I wanted salted caramel latte..
I just said iced latte so I didn't enjoy this that day :(

He's super narcissistic lol.

Tried Noodle Cafe cos we saw some food instagrammers talking about it..
$1.90 for a few small bowls or u can upsize it if you want.

I like their pork leg rice!!

Super salty but quite tasty soup.

The bowls were really tiny hahaha.
We ordered all the different flavours....
All of us agreed.
There was a kind of spice they use and it tasted like tobacco?
We really didn't like it...
But the food bloggers did..... 

They didn't explain which was which and we couldn't even taste out what we ordered..

This was damn dry....

Ordered the duck noodles too.
It's nice but they also use the same strange spice which we all didn't like...
I'd come back for the pork leg rice though..
But the meat was very little even when it's $6.

Noodle Cafe -Thai Boat Cafe
#01-05 Sim Lim Square 

Had satay near Merv's place again. Hehe love it.

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