Saturday, June 13, 2015

8 May (Tae Woo Korean Restaurant, Five Viet Bar)

Wanted to have korean food and who better to ask then a korean right!
This place is located at Clarke Quay's Central where 8 Korean BBQ is located at.
Nobody is giving enough lime light to this korean eatery cos it's quite hidden!
I've been to 8 Korean Bbq too you can see here (8Koreanbbq)

Tae Woo Korean Restaurant
Central, #03-84

Bell told me that the jja jang myun is really good and I was so excited to try it.

LOL Check out her konglish.
Ya everytime I talk to her I feel like I'm on a korean to Eng translation site.
It's like direct translation. Don't make sense one. ahhahahahha.

Starters weren't very interesting, but it was alright!
We both agreed that the kimchi was good.

Fried mandu dumpling.
Want to try their steamed version next time!

Inside was pork, glass noodles and chives?

Sweet and sour fried fish.
This was so good.
Better than the prev time I had it at another korean restaurant.
Crispy on the outside and moist inside.
No fishy taste too.

The highlight of the meal!!!
Black bean paste noodles with pork and vegetables.
Sooo good.
Best I've tasted.
Not sure if you like it but I do!
We shared it cos we ordered quite a lot already and it's not very cheap btw.
I'd still come back again.
Next I wanna try their jampong which is their spicy seafood noodles.
Have had it elsewhere and always like it.

Doing the korean thing.
Mixing the noodles with two chopsticks.

And then using a scissors to cut the noodles haha.

Then we had drinks at 
Five Viet Bistro Bar
32 Maxwell Rd, Maxwell chambers, #01-07

We both had their cocktails and they tastes really bad..
Didn't even finish half of it.


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