Sunday, June 14, 2015

9th May (Mommy Camellia's birthday @ Ramen Champion / FIVE Izakaya bar / One Fantasy Thai club)

 Mah fav mint choco chip from 
Great World City, #B1-10

 At Great World City's Ramen Champion to celebrate Merv's mama birthday hehe.

 Had the chicken katsu curry rice.
It was alright only.

 This was good though.

This was pretty good too.

 The mochi were tiny, sucked and expensive.
Don't think I'll be back.
There seemed to be lotsa customers though!

 Happy birthday dearest Camellia mommy :)

 Merv, mommy and I went to Five Izakaya bar for some beers lol.
16 Collyer Quay, #01-058

 This place closes at 12midnight though.
It was really hot there and no live band :(
Great service though!

 So we headed to One Fantasy Thai Club where Club NaNa used to be at.
I rmb Club nana used to have hotter girls haha.
Hate Thai clubs anyway.....
Thank God for good company though.

5 Magazine Road,


 Bumped into Jiahao!
Lol I rmb we used to hang out quite often when we were younger!!
Things have definitely changed.
Was reading my blog archives for some throwbacks and zomg.
I used to hang out with so many people!!
I actually LIKED socializing lol.
Now I'm just lazy and have too little time.

LOL we ordered spam fries....
Not Spam with LOTSA fries...

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