Sunday, June 14, 2015

May 10 (Mothers' day @ Spizza Mercato & St. Marc Café desserts)

Ah kong bought us breakfast.
Yummy messy curry rice. :3

Merv and I went to Vivian's to have facial.
I love her. Need to earn more money first then can keep gg facial!
Got to finally see her second born.
Such a lovely boy.
I want my own home and start a family too!!
Need to wait for a long time haha.

 Spizza Mercato
Capitol Piazza, #B2-52

It was super quiet...
I never even knew they had restaurants inside.
I only got to know of this place cos I was frantically trying to search for a dinner spot on Chope.
This is not an advert hor.
I paid for this meal.

I like that app cos it saves the hassle of calling and making reservations.. 
(I don't like talking on the phone)
and I can do it anytime of the day 24/7!
You can't make reservations everywhere though but they hooked up with most restaurants in Singapore so it's cool.

Italian Burratina Cheese with Parma Ham and Rucola Salad

Honestly had better ones elsewhere, but it was okay.
Service was great there. :)

Crispy Calamari rings with spicy 'Pizzaiolo' dip

Crispy chicken wings

 My mom, Jonas and my aunt who is like a mom to me too. :)

 Yoyo and Merv :)


 Oh no.. I can't rmb this!! It's probably Olivia????

I'm looking at their site and guessing...
So if it is, it should be:
Tomato, mozzarella, salami, fresh chilli 

Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, pineapple

The pizzas were alright :)

Crispy breaded buffalo mozzarella on toast with arrabbiata sauce

We didn't picture this in our heads and didn't like it as well haha but we'd try anything!

Gnocchi alla Mamma Rosa

Ordered this cos everyone at the table didn't know what gnocchi tastes like.
I liked this :)

Happy Mothers' day to both my mamas!!!!!
I love family dinners!!!
Esp with the kids hehe.

We wanted waffles and came to Raffles City.
Found none. Sad :(
So we settled at St Marc Café!
Heard from Ji Hae or was it Bell that their desserts are nice, but have never tried them.
Love it!

I think this is Berry fuji.
It comes with a soft serve and the pastry below is warm.
This was so lovely!!!
I'll come here again!
There are a few outlets to this place so you can go check out on google.

I think this was their Mango Fantasy Parfait?
Btw the children chose the above and this haha.
This was really good too!
There's pudding and comes with a soft serve too.
Can't rmb what other ingredients were inside though!

Some green tea ice cream with red bean paste, soft serve, pudding and other goodies inside.
Sorry, I should take down proper names and description next time haha.

 Cutting the fuji pastry for everyone
I think only the children and I were busy eating hahaha.

I'm so chubs now.


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