Sunday, June 14, 2015

May 11 & 12 (Bao Today & My Dubsmash episodes)

 Had Bao Today with my colleagues the other day.
Ice Milk tea~

Bao Today
313 Somerset, #01-25B

 Senget is a fatty but a cutie!

 Angie, the fiesty and hot mama.

 On the left is Mark and middle is Dzurina.
She just joined us not long ago.
Everyone's super smart in the team and I really feel like a wart lol.
I really don't belong since it isn't what I want to do in the first place.
Can't wait for contract to end, but I will be sad that I won't get to see them around often.
They are really nice people although some can be quite scary. hahah.

 Lookat dat sexy Elizabeth.
She is so full of shit but so cute.
Totally different from how she looks.
And that's Xing Zhi who is super tall I'm like up to her waist only hahahahhaha kidding.

 Kenneth looking like a big baby LOL.
He is gg to get married and have his own house already I'm so jealous.
Can't wait for Merv to come out from army and that he can get a job and we can start a family soon!!
I want to be a housewife.

 Next is your turn to get married!!!

 Had this cos almost everyone ordered this.
Didn't know what was good anyway.
Some instant noodles with luncheon meat and an egg.
Not bad la haha.

 Xingzhi's porge.

 Shrimp rice rolls.

 Fried wantons.

 Char siew rice rolls.

 Custard bao.
Was too full and didn't have this. :(

 Fried beancurd skin with seafood paste?
I like this :)

 Dinner from Telok Blangah Mall's kopitiam.
I like their western food.
You can't tell but the salmon is quite a big portion and it's grilled to perfection hehe and their aglio olio is nice too. $8 for this.

 Someone got groomed.
Picked him up after meeting zomg.

 Next day's dinner again! 
Haha when I like sth I will keep eating it until I get sick of it.

I did 2 episodes.
One in April and another in May.

 HAHAHA He drew me and tried drawing himself but failed terribly so he did this.....
Wtf lol.

 HAHA so cute!!!!

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