Monday, June 15, 2015

May 13 (Happy Harvester Sg, Cross Straits Fish Soup, Daily Ink & Skin Tattoo)

Happy Harvester for lunch again~~ 
The boss gave me a fruit juice as a treat!

This idiot!! 
I messaged that I've reached already.
She bloody hell messaged us in the groupchat, 
"I cross the overhead bridge already. See you at the ATM."
Something like that.
Bastard lol.

Spam her tell lies face lol.

Cross Straits Fish noodles for dinner!!!
Love their shrimp paste wings.

Cross Straits Fish Soup Noodles
Far East Plaza, #05-119

So good it deserves another shot.

The fish cake goes well with their chilli.

I'm craving for this so badly now :(

We met up for dinner.
This girl said she's not hungry..........
I tell your mother then u know.

Ya Kun because naughty girl wanted to have kaya toast Wa piang.
Got proper food don't want to eat....

I used to love their iced silky barley so much!
But the one at Far East Plaza sucked that day..

Went to Isetan at Tangs!
Got this REALLY yummy red bean daifuku!!
When I got it I wasn't expecting much...
but it was really yummy!
The skin was soooo soft and chewy and the red bean paste is not too sweet!
Just the way I like it!

And it is quite big!

Hehe with the naughty girls.

At Liat Towers' Zara!
I got the basic top for Bkk trip cos I'ma basic beech.


Hehe my cutie Teacup.

She took this! :)

And these lol... she kept taking so I kept posing.

At Daily Ink & Skin.

Cass doing her tatty.
She's Hazel (her boyfriend's dog) obsessed lol.


Got this at $5 from some sale at Watsons.
Apparently not all Watsons was having a sale!
I told so many people already.... felt so bad lol.
I also got their other nail polish set!

It's Matte!!

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