Tuesday, June 16, 2015

May 14 (Hai di Lao @ 313 Somerset, Soup Spoon)

HAI DI LAO @ 313 Somerset.
Snacks while waiting.

Me uncle and me sister.

Exterior of Hai Di Lao.

Deciding what to eat.

The meat paste. So good.

The super soft and silky fish that u will never find once u put it in the pot.

Self-mix chilli.
I always put beef cubes inside. Yum.

And the shiok hand pulled noodles.
Not forgetting the noodle dance and the man deliberately trying to touch ur nose with it.

More meat.

My little cousin, Hazel and aunt, Jessie!

Caught u in the act haha.

LOL My uncle trying to be cool.

Thanks to my baller uncle who treated us hehe :3

Then Veron came to my office!!
Hai di lao gave FREE POP CORN.
It was all stacked up outside waiting for u to take one before u leave.
How nice!

PANTRY SNACKS. Used to be cooler but i think they budget.

Lol everytime help me take pics.

Soup Spoon dinner with Veron.
She had pumpkin soup. 

And I had Tangy Tomato with Basil

And some tabasco to go along

Bumped into Amelyn Beverly Hills~~
First time seeing her all doll up.
She was gg to Fashion Week.
So pretty!

Fries blogging for me.

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