Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1 June - Bangkok Day 5/7 (ISAO Sushi Bar, Casa Lapin x49, After You Dessert Cafe, Eat Am Are)

 Nato and steamed rice for breakfast.
Bb made it all!
I fell in love with nato in THAILAND wtf lol.

Instant duck noodles.

LOL at my watermelon outfit.
I won't ever wear this in SG.

 At ISAO Sushi Bar Bangkok.
Thanks Veron for the recommendation!

5 Sukhumvit 31, Khlong toei nuea, watthana, bangkok 10110, thailand.

 It was actually packed.
We were the last few left for lunch crowd.

 Glass of ice green tea before we start our meal.
I LOVE green tea esp non-sugar ones.
I love ayataka a lot!

This was yummy.
Like any other chirashi actually.

 On the left is Chicago Spicy Crazy which I liked a lot.
Tuna, salmon, white fish, cucumber, avocado, scallions, with ebiko. 295baht.

On the right is their signature dish, Sushi sandwich.
This was ok only..
Nothing special for me.
Spicy tuna and salmon stuffed between layers of sushi rice with tempura batter, ebiko, and scallion.

 Freshly grated wasabi and pickles at the back :D

 Jackie!! HEHEH SO CUTE!!!!
I liked this alot cos I love food with lots of gravy/sauce on it.
Shrimp tempura, ebiko, avocado wrapped with ebi and served with special sauce.

 Miso soup which came with the chirashi.

 At Casa Lapin x49 for some drinks.

Sukhumvit soi 49, 
Soi Songphinong (Opoosite smitivej hospital)
Thailand 10110

 The interior is really cool.

 Merv got the casa lapin milk tea which was really good.
It came with a cinnamon stick!!
Love the presentation!
Mine was their orange & passion fizz.
Really good too!

 Lol lame.
Using cinnamon stick as cigar.

 Hehe this cutie belongs to a shop nearby.

 Idk why there was pink paint on the dog lol but i don't think it is abuse..
We checked out the owner's instagram.
Looks like they are pretty much in love with each other :3

 There was a vet or pets groomer beside Casa Lapin.
The kitties were mostly sick cats..
Felt so sorry for them.
Wish they were upstairs in the airconditioned room tho..

 This was a kitten.
So cute like a little monkey.


 Hehe this dog was super cutie!!!
Afraid of us yet curious and wanted to play with us lol.

 Hehe He was super cute!!

 Kiss meee.

 This baby was blind :(

 There was a very sick cat that was too skinny to eat.
I was upset because it felt like it needed 24 hours care but it was in a cage downstairs..
It was lying on one side and was too weak to get up.
They left shredded chicken in water for it.. Obviously TOO weak to eat pls.

Then another cat had mental issues I think?
It made me want to cry.
Kept walking in circles.
I immediately went to read up on it.
The cat could have a brain tumor... :'(

It would walk in circles and I would call out for it and put my fingers inside the bars to hold its cheeks and stroke its head..
Seems like it liked me a lot but just had to keep walking round and round in circles...
I wish I could keep and care for it (T___T)

 There were super lots of japanese restaurants here..
We later found out that a lot of japparonis live in Sukhumvit so it has become a little jappo town.

 At After You Dessert Cafe.
Thanks to Veron and Cass both recommending here.

J-Avenue Thonglhor 13 on Sukhumvit 55 road.

 The peppermint mocha(?) wasn't very good

  Shibuya Honey toast with vanilla ice cream.
This was lovely but it became too salty near the end and my throat started to hurt.

 Chocolate lava cake.

 Dinner at Eat Am Are!
They have MANY outlets of this..
I can't rmb which we went.
You can just google it if you want :3


 A side of fries.

 Bb's steak.

 Actually that was mine but it was REALLY bloody and I immediately regretted ordering medium rare.
I can't take bloody beef anymore.
Only medium...

 So I had this.

 Grilled squid.
haha it wasn't very nice actually..

Lol idiot.
He asked me to help him take photos like this.
Next thing I know, I found the EDITED version of it HAHAHHAHAHA.
He downloaded some tattoo app in my phone so that he can look like Justin bieber HAHAHA.

Goodnight from the the both of us :3

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