Sunday, August 02, 2015

12-15 June (Miam Miam, 98.7fm Sonia Chewww)

Went to find bb at Westgate cos he had nights out.
Miam Miam for dinner!

It was our first time dining there!!

I was still very sick. Sleepy lol.

My puppy. :3

It was closing~

Miam Miam Capellini.
I saw this on instagram! It looks like nothing much but it's yummy!
Miam miam is a french/jappo concept restaurant.
They use japanese ingredients with french cooking techniques.
So every dish is cooked with precision.
That's really cool right.

So we got two of their specialties. 
Soufflé De Nauge.
It did get a bit sick a the end but nonetheless, it's still good .

It's soooo fluffy.
When I bit into the slightly crunchy AND soffffttt fluffy/spongey egg whites and what seems like cheese?
My eyes enlarged.
The lightly burnt top part was so aromatic and it's a good savory flavour to a souffle.
Usually it's meant to be eaten as a dessert right??
So we dug in and there was a creamy base of rice, bacon and mushroom. 
Loved ittt :3

Overall the food was pretty good but I thought it was slightly pricey.

Next day with Langston for alittle while.

Hehe cutie SweetCheeks.
She demanded for belly rubs.
It's always good to bump into her.
Sometimes when I don't see her,
I'd meow and she would come running to my voice and "MEOW" back LOL.
Super cute!
And she's slightly bow legged, so when she runs, IT'S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.
Like a kitten!

Next morning we went to visit Yvonne at DogTor Lim (Telok Blangah Mall's pet grooming)
Heheheh main purpose was to see cutie Sparkie!!!
She was boarding for a few days cos her owners were out of town.


hehe we brought him too cos we know Sparkie was in love with him.

Her face :3

Lunch at Telok Blangah Mall's kopitiam.
Their yummy dry ban mian.
Both of us had a bowl each.

Hehe I was greedy so I ordered fried prawn noodles for us to share too.

Friesy :3
I just realized that she's turning 3 soon.
The lifespan of hamsters is onl 2-3 years old.
So upset upon this realization.

Next day, Senget and I delivered food for 98.7FM cos we needed them to advertise haha.
Joakim Gomez is right there.

She's always soooo cute.
I fell in love cos she's so different from most girls and she's like the male version of LANGSTON.
Her colleague Zoe helped me with this if not I wouldn't dare wait for her lol.
I'm usually NOT LIKE THAT OK.
So weird that I'm gg googoogaga over a singaporean artiste, but like I said she's really different.

LOL Merv sent me this lolololol.
"Cute albino dolphin. Now turn ur phone side ways."

Hahhaa sent to Bell and her response.

Merv sent it to Ridge and he just said the asshole is cute without knowing lol.

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