Sunday, August 02, 2015

8-10 June (O'ma Spoon)

Dinner with bb.
Plaza Singapura's food court.
Love their riverside bbq since young.
BBQ sotong with omelette, curry sauce and added cabbage.

There was another indonesian stall like two stalls away.
Bb bought ayam penyet from there.

Missha face mask from my sis.
My eyes are wide but no double eyelids. (-_-)
They only form when I apply mascara.
Weird, I know..

Have been sick every since I got back from Bangkok.
Had a fever of 38 degrees and bb made potato carrot and chicken porridge for me cos I love it!! 
Thanks bb :*

Lunch at office the other day.
Hooked on their beehoon soto and home made chilli!
Usually I would add begedil (potato patties) but it was sold out so I got chicken nuggets instead.

Dinner with bb at 313 Somerset's food court.
We both had their beef noodles.
I had the dry version and he had the soup one.
Not nice..

He bought this cos I said he looks cute in it hehe.

O'ma Spoon!!!
First time eating bingsu!!

Handsome hehe.

We had the Injeolmi flavour (roasted bean powder)
I love it!!!
Esp with the mochi.
Wish there were more of it.
It comes with a sweet soy bean sauce.
Goes so well.
Merv doesn't like it though.

Lol.... a random hen appeared at Tiong bahru...

Everyone was as curious as we were lol.

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