Tuesday, September 15, 2015

27 - 28 July (Outback Steakhouse, Four Fingers, Victor's Kitchen, Hai di lao)

 Imperial Treasure Bakery is damn goooood.
I got the mash potato and bacon bread with crumbs on top.
Breadtalk has the same price point but they are damn cheap skate with the fillings.
I won't buy breadtalk again........
The other time I bought some sausage and mushroom bread..
Wtf they cut the sausage into half and just added a few pieces of mushroom.
All that for $1.90..

Orchard Gateway's Outback Steakhouse for lunch.
I love their soups :3
This is their tomato cream soup if I'm not wrong?

 Steak bites~

 Chookaburra Wing.
Didn't like it..

 Hitam!!! So cutie. :3

 Dinner at my aunt's.
She ordered lots of chickadee from Four fingers!!

She also made chap chae and I bought ngoh hiang from Havelock~~

 Next day had to go printing so was at Sunshine plaza.
Had to wait so I went to look for sth to eat.
Walked into Victor's Kitchen and had liu sha bao.


 And it's damn oily wtf.

 Not nice...................
And Victor's kitchen smelled like shit.
I had to change seats and was so self-conscious WHAT IF IT WAS I WHO SHAT IN MY SHORTS?!

But of course not la relax.

Went back to office and had proper lunch from Happy Harvester.

 Dinner with Jew!!
We were at 313's Hai Di Lao.
I love the tidbits!!

 DIY sauce

 Vegetarian corner

 I loveee the sausage (at the back) after Jew made us order it the last time.
And how could you forget about the fried yam?
Got us pork belly too~

 Weird tofu puffs, sliced fish and sliced winter melon.
The winter melon goes so well with the tomato soup!
I think previously I said it was radish lol my bad.

 Seafood and tomato soup.

 Jewelllll :3

Omg do i look like a tortoise ahhaha the waiter was abit too generous with the herbs ah.


  1. I love Imperial Treasure Bakery too!! Have you tried their egg tarts? OMG love love love!!!

    1. No i have not!!! i always see it and want to eat it but idky i just dont buy them. I will the next time since u are raving about it now! hehe!