Sunday, September 20, 2015

July 29 - 31 (Merely Ice Cream, Daessiksin 大食神 Korean BBQ, Nakhon Kitchen)

Merely icecream.
Got the dark chocolate flavoured one SO GOOOOOOOD.

Merely Ice Cream
91 Bencoolen street, Sunshine Plaza
Singapre 189652

 Bought soya egg tarts for mah colleagues.
 I really love ittttt.
Usually only girls enjoy it so buy it for your female friends, mom, wife, girlfriend!
They also do really good pineapple tarts.
You have to order before going down though.
You can give them a call on the day itself but before 3pm would be a better timing
A box of 8 would cost you only $9.
Their price is not fixed tho.

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry
264 Middle Road
David Elias Building
Singapore 18890
Tel: 6337 2417

 Jewel brought us to have jap for dinner.
She said we can't let anyone know where is it cos she don't want to be queueing the next time. Lol.
Salmon sashimi.
Yummmm so fresh.
Usually I would get sick after 3 pieces but this one had me going.

 Avocado ebi roll.

 Spicy tofu.
They didn't like it but I do so I ate most of it hehe.

 Salmon belly.
Sooo good.

 Mango ebi roll

 Seared salmon mentaiko roll.

 Chawanmushi was really good too.
The chef gave us a really huge serving cos Jewel is a regular.
Stuffed to my maximum..........

 Dinner date was with Jewel and Charis :3

 Came back home to his pig pig.

 Next day's lunch was at 

Daessiksin Korean bbq
Orchard Gateway, #03-17

 It was not bad I guess?
Pretty cheap too.

 Honey Creme at 313 Somerset

 Teochew porridge again!

Lim Joo Hin Eating House
715 Havelock Road

 Sweet and sour pork was quite nice but abit too tough to chew.

 Next day's breakfast..
Fish ball noodles~~

Fish cakes~
Dinner with Cass and Josh at:

Nakhon Kitchen
87 Pasir Panjang Rd
Singapore 118510

 Olive fried rice

 Fried tang hoon

 Sambal kangkong

 Fried garlic chicken

 Basil chicken rice

 It was my first time having Nakhon and I really like it!

 Hehe she came over to visit Max :)

 Cutie Fries :)

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