Saturday, October 10, 2015


I guess it took me longer than it should have.
But I've finally decided to let go of all the bitterness and self-hate I've been harbouring inside.
Stop hating/blaming and just be truly happy with myself and of course with all my loved ones.
They played a HUGE part in the healing process.
I would say I'm 80% letting go of the past and i'll keep moving on because that's the only thing I must do to stay sane right?

Although weekends and occasionally on some weekdays, they aren't exactly healthy but I guess we all had fun??? :D
(Thank you all for all the fun times and sorry if it tires ur liver and lungs hahaha)

Made new friends, built stronger bonds with my buds and making sure this heart is never moving for someone else.
Maybe one day I will believe in love again. 
Idk but that's really the least bit of my concern. 
There was once when I was truly happy in someone else's arms but now, I'm happy being by myself and surrounded with people who loves me for who I am.
Don't ever rely on someone else for your happiness.
Always be kind and have respect for others and yourself.


  1. I'm happy that you have almost overcome it and continue to be that funny Valentina!! Have fun in Korea!

    1. Hehe thanks my dear. Stay tuned to my dubsmash and snapchats!!!!