Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sep 5 - 9 (Manekineko KTV, Blue Mist, Paradise Inn, Brotzeit)

 Soup Spoon with the little cutie.
We got two mini bowls cos not hungry but wanna eat.
My fav soup is Simon and Garfunkel!!

 She had some new jap soup.

 Cutie Veron LOL she's not scratching her armpit hor.

 FINALLY Le Cass arrived.

 Meeting the rest of the BITCH BETTA HAVE MAH MONEH crew for KTV!!

N*gga Plz.

 Shadi odd one out.

 We hip hop. But looks like someone farted...

 Zomg I look so bad here but look at Joy and Veron LOL.


Btw I love my legs here NEVER EDIT OK.

 I look so bad here but mah girls, they lovelehhhh :3
At Boutique again.

 Met up with Jewel for beer/Cider after my pole class!
Hehe thanks for the company :3

We were at Blue Mist!
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-03

 Her quesadillas~

 The next day waiting for mah lunch time so that I can meet my sis :3

 Paradise Inn at 313 Somerset Basement 3.
Pork knuckles? 
It's alright only..

 My sister :3

 Met Cass for beer at night.
Her dinner.

 My dinner cos I didn't wanna eat so much.
BreadTalk is damn stingy with their fillings.
The hotdog is not even inside?!
It's on top of the bread and there was only half of that tiny sausage!!
And a few bird droppings of mushroom.
I think I paid $1.90 for this?!
You can pay Imperial Treasure Bakery the same price and get something so much more satisfying!!
I'd choose Imperial Treasure any time!

 Brotzeit @ Vivo City~

 My cutie :3

Our hearts died at the same time. 
But we picking ourselves up one step at a time.

Btw we were busy judging the table next to us HAHAHA.
To be honest we are not mean people but it just got on our nerves when the girl started speaking in this slutty high pitched voice and Cass said she saw that the guy kept ending his calls and commented, 
"I think he's hanging up on his girlfriend's calls."


Potato salad was quite nice cos got vinegar inside hehe.

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