Tuesday, May 31, 2016

22 & 23 Nov (Choo choo Chicken, Brother Bird, Miss Korea buffet)

 Bloody hell. Picasa shut down with NO WARNING Omg.
That was where I housed my albums which I would edit the photos.
Now that it's gone, I have no other software to edit and sorting out pics takes me such a long time.

Anyways, Langston, Veron and I were at Bali Lane's Choo Choo chicken.
I love that place!!

 Their toppoki is good too!

 I have completely forgotten to take photos of them (-___-)
So this post is full of my face lol.
ANYWAY, have always wanted to try Brother Bird and it was so delicious!
Warm MOCHI donut with soft serve.
It was delightful.
I wanna go there again hehe.

 You so cutie hehe.

Veron and her awesome photography skills.
Miss this little one.
Langston left so it was a date with just her :3

 Selfie start liao.

 Taken from her camo!


With little Veron.

We went to St. Marc Cafe because I love that dessert as well.
I was just craving for sweets at that period of time!

 The next day, had korean buffet for lunch with Chingles and Senget at Miss Korea!

 Thank you for always being the big brother of the clique making sure we have enough food.
You are the best best best :3



 You rushing to where, Chingles?


 Too cold lol it got stuck on our lips and we bled LOL.
I can't rmb if it was just Chingles or the both of us....
And if Senget bled as well?
Or was it just him...?
Alamak. See la update so long after how to remember shit lol.

 During this period of time, I was exercising regularly.
Now I regularly skip it lol.

So beautiful..
I loved walking past this building.

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